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Jan. 23

The Washington Post on gun violence within the United States

Gun violence is so common an prevalence within the United States that no incident, nonetheless tragic, comes as a shock. But occasions in current days deserve particular consideration all the identical, as they underscore a core reality about responding to gun violence: altering only one or two guidelines wouldn’t be sufficient.

Early this month, a 6-year-old boy shot and wounded an elementary faculty instructor in Newport News, Va. This, in line with authorities, was no accident: The first-grader pulled out a handgun and fired a bullet by way of his teacher’s outstretched hand and into her chest. His household says he has an “acute disability”; The Post studies that directors disregarded considerations concerning the boy after he threw furnishings at school, barricaded the doorways to a room and threatened to gentle a instructor on hearth and watch her die. The day of the capturing, his backpack was searched after a tip that he could have had a weapon.

Across the nation and over the weekend, a 72-year-old man killed 11 individuals inside a dance corridor within the Los Angeles suburb Monterey Park. The assault got here shortly after the Lunar New Year celebration within the majority-Asian American metropolis. The 11 killed have been of their 50s, 60s and 70s. They have been dancing guangchang wu, a public sq. dance fashionable amongst middle-aged and older patrons, when the carnage started. Only two days later, a gunman killed seven individuals at two plant nurseries in Half Moon Bay, close to San Francisco.

The Newport News case and the California instances ought to be thought of collectively not as a result of they’re so comparable, however as a result of they’re so totally different. The 72-year-old in Monterey Park is the oldest particular person in U.S. historical past accused of perpetrating a mass killing in public. The 6-year-old in Newport News is likely one of the youngest believed to be chargeable for intentional gun violence. None of those individuals matches the mould of the stereotypical alienated younger man who has change into the face of mass shootings on this nation.

The Gun Violence Archive has counted 39 mass shootings to date in 2023. Congressional intransigence on gun reform typically pushes politicians to decide on particular person options on which to position their legislative focus, often geared to what could have helped stop the newest tragedy: One 12 months, red-flag legal guidelines are on each lawmaker’s lips; the following, the “boyfriend loophole.” Yet situations of gun violence are so different that the appropriate strategy isn’t either-or however all-of-the-above.

At least one of many weapons implicated within the Monterey Park capturing, a semiautomatic pistol outfitted with a large-capacity journal, may need been unlawful to buy in California. Yet the state’s prohibitions on many semiautos and magazines that may maintain greater than 10 rounds of ammunition don’t apply to purchases made when the bans weren’t in impact. And whereas a brand new state regulation that goals to dam the possession of such magazines was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, final 12 months decrease courts have been instructed to rethink it after one other reckless pro-gun Supreme Court ruling.

This is worrying. The 5 highest-casualty mass shootings in fashionable American historical past all concerned weapons that allowed shooters to let unfastened on crowds with out having to reload. That restrictions are federal is essential, too. Regardless of whether or not weapons just like the one utilized in Monterey Park are unlawful to buy in California, it’s simple sufficient for a California resident to purchase one throughout state traces.

These interventions wouldn’t have prevented the 6-year-old in Newport News from capturing his instructor. That case entails a number of different points, from correct supervision and safety in faculties, particularly in response to warning indicators, to protected gun storage. The public is more likely to be taught extra concerning the set off lock that the household’s lawyer says was put in on the weapon in query. But measures that require safe, tamper-resistant storage can preserve children from getting their arms on weapons. And the place a gun is saved (within the Newport News case, supposedly on the highest shelf of a bed room closet) issues, too.

Changes that might have stopped different headline-making shootings lately, from higher background checks to ready durations earlier than buy to red-flag legal guidelines, and applications comparable to authorities gun buybacks and gun licensing are important, as is prosecuting sellers who permit their provide to movement to unlawful markets. It is just not but clear whether or not any of those efforts would have saved lives in Monterey Park or Half Moon Bay — however they might have saved lives elsewhere at different occasions.

As President Biden and the remainder of nation attempt, once more, to confront the gun violence epidemic, policymakers ought to perceive that no single resolution will scrub out this scourge. Doing one factor is best than doing nothing in any respect — however to fake the work ends there could be irresponsible.

ONLINE: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2023/01/24/monterey-park-half-m…


Jan. 21

The New York Times on Putin and the conflict in Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine has entered a brand new, extra lethal and fateful section, and the one man who can cease it, Vladimir Putin, has proven no indicators that he’ll achieve this.

After 11 months throughout which Ukraine has gained repeated and decisive victories in opposition to Russian forces, clawed again a few of its lands and cities and withstood deadly assaults on its infrastructure, the conflict is at a stalemate.

Still, the combating rages on, together with a ferocious battle for the town of Bakhmut within the japanese Donetsk area. Cruel, seemingly random Russian missile strikes at civilian targets have change into a daily horror: On Jan. 14, a Russian missile struck an residence constructing in Dnipro, in central Ukraine. Among the at the very least 40 lifeless have been young children, a pregnant girl and a 15-year-old dancer.

Both sides are actually mentioned to be bracing for a fierce new spherical of offensives within the late winter or spring. Russia has mobilized 300,000 new males to throw into the fray, and a few arms factories are working across the clock. Ukraine’s Western arms suppliers, on the identical time, are bolstering Kyiv’s arsenal with armor and air protection programs that till not too long ago they have been reluctant to deploy in opposition to Russia for concern of escalating this battle into an all-in East-West conflict.

Over the previous two months, the United States has pledged billions in new arms and gear, together with a roughly $2.5 billion bundle introduced this week that, for the primary time, contains Stryker armored fight automobiles. Other American weapons on their solution to Ukraine embody the Patriot, essentially the most superior American ground-based air protection system; Bradley combating automobiles; armored personnel carriers; and artillery programs. NATO allies have thrown extra weapons into the combo, together with the primary heavy tank pledged to Ukraine, the Challenger 2 heavy tank from Britain. Germany, traditionally reluctant to have its tanks used in opposition to Russia, is underneath heavy strain to permit its allies to export its first-rate Leopard tank to Ukraine.

Germany didn’t decide at a gathering with Ukraine’s allies on Friday, through which international locations reiterated their assist for sending extra superior arms to Ukraine. The U.S. protection secretary, Lloyd Austin, who led the gathering, mentioned this was “not a moment to slow down” however to “dig deeper.”

That means the broad, muddy fields of Ukraine will quickly once more witness full-scale tank-and-trench warfare, this time pitting Western arms in opposition to a determined Russia. This was by no means imagined to occur once more in Europe after the final world conflict.

Ukraine and its backers hope that the Western arms will probably be decisive, giving Ukraine a greater likelihood to blunt a Russian offensive and drive the Russians again. How far again is one other query. President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine talks of chasing Russia out of Ukraine altogether, together with the territory seized by Russia in 2014 in Crimea and japanese Ukraine. The United States and its allies could want a much less formidable final result, though U.S. officers are reportedly contemplating it as a risk. But as long as Mr. Putin reveals no readiness to speak, the query is moot. The job at hand is to influence Russia {that a} negotiated peace is the one choice.

This is why the approaching battle is crucial. But as Mr. Putin digs himself ever deeper into pursuing his delusions, it is usually crucial that the Russian individuals bear in mind of what’s being carried out of their title, and the way it’s destroying their very own future.

How a lot of this do Russians know or query? It is tough to establish what Russians are privately saying or pondering, given how harmful any open criticism of the “limited military operation” has change into. Independent media have been stifled, 1000’s of protesters have been arrested, and lots of overseas correspondents, together with these of The Times, have been compelled to go away when it turned unlawful to dispute the official line concerning the conflict.

Still, on the very least, most Russians ought to be asking when and the way this conflict will finish. That is why this editorial is addressed partly to the Russian individuals: It is of their title that their president is waging this horrible and ineffective conflict; their sons, fathers and husbands are being killed, maimed or brutalized into committing atrocities; their lives are being mortgaged for generations to return in a state distrusted and disliked in lots of elements of the world.

The Kremlin’s propaganda equipment has been working full time churning out false narratives a few heroic Russian wrestle in opposition to forces of fascism and debauchery, through which the Western arms are however extra proof that Ukraine is a proxy conflict by the West to strip Russia of its future and greatness. Mr. Putin has concocted an elaborate mythology through which Ukraine is an indelible a part of a Russkiy mir, a higher Russian world.

Isolated from anybody who would dare to talk reality to his energy, Mr. Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine final 12 months, satisfied that the Ukrainians would promptly shed their “fascist” authorities. The begin of the conflict shocked Russians, however Mr. Putin appeared satisfied {that a} West wasted by decadence and decline would squawk however take no motion. He and his commanders have been apparently unprepared for the extraordinary resistance they met in Ukraine, or for the velocity with which the United States and its allies, horrified by the crude violation of the postwar order, got here collectively in Ukraine’s protection.

Mr. Putin’s response has been to throw ever extra lives, assets and cruelty at Ukraine. And with the deplorable assist of the top of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, the president has elevated what he insists on calling his “limited military offensive” into an existential wrestle between a spiritually ordained Great Russia and a corrupt and debauched West.

But Russians are conscious that Ukraine was not broadly perceived as an enemy, a lot much less a mortal enemy, till Mr. Putin seized Crimea and stirred up a secessionist battle in japanese Ukraine in 2014. Until then, Russians and Ukrainians traveled freely throughout their lengthy border, and lots of of them had household, acquaintances or buddies on the opposite aspect.

And after all of the poverty, repression and isolation underneath Soviet rule, Russians have to do not forget that till Mr. Putin started attempting to vary Ukraine’s borders by power in 2014, they have been lastly having fun with what these in different industrialized international locations had lengthy thought of regular — the chance to earn first rate salaries, purchase client items and luxuriate in vastly expanded freedoms to journey overseas and converse their thoughts.

The West they visited was not the caricature of depravity offered by Mr. Putin or Patriarch Kirill. And their Russia was hardly a pure and religious mannequin, with the alcoholism, corruption, drug abuse, homophobia and different sins so acquainted to all Russians.

In the top, the query is whether or not any of Mr. Putin’s lectures on historical past actually present a justification for the loss of life and destruction he has ordained. Russians know the horrors of all-out conflict; they have to know that nothing Mr. Putin has concocted remotely validates the leveling of cities and cities, the homicide, rape and pillaging, or the deliberate strikes in opposition to energy and water provides throughout Ukraine. Like the final nice European conflict, this one is generally one man’s insanity.

If Ukraine was not an enemy earlier than, Mr. Putin has ensured it’s one now. Battling an invader is among the many most potent strategies of forging a nationwide id, and for Ukraine, Russia as its enemy and the West as its future have change into indelible parts. And if the West was certainly divided and indecisive on take care of Russia or Ukraine earlier than, Moscow’s invasion has unified the United States and far of Europe in relegating Russia to a risk and an outcast and elevating a heroic Ukraine to a pal and ally.

Claiming to champion Russian greatness, Mr. Putin has turned Russia right into a pariah state in lots of elements of the world. He claims Russia has every part it wants to face up to the price of the conflict and sanctions. But in line with a report by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a assume tank, Russia faces many years of financial stagnation and regression even when the conflict ends quickly. Industrial manufacturing, even army, is more likely to proceed falling due to its reliance on high-tech items from the West that it will possibly not get. Many Western firms have left, commerce with the West has dwindled, and financing the conflict is draining the funds. Numerous overseas airways have ceased service to Russia. Add to that the thousands and thousands of Russia’s greatest and brightest who’ve fled, and the longer term is bleak.

The true scope of Russia’s casualties can also be being saved from its individuals. Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, mentioned in November that Moscow’s casualties have been “well over 100,000 Russian soldiers killed and wounded.” About 300,000 males have been pressed into cannon-fodder responsibility within the military and lots of extra could comply with.

It is feasible that Mr. Putin may ultimately search a negotiated settlement, although that turns into ever extra distant because the Ukrainians undergo ever higher destruction and loss, and as their dedication to not cede an inch of their nation deepens. For now, Mr. Putin appears to nonetheless consider he can deliver Ukraine to its knees and dictate its destiny, value be damned.

In his public appearances, Mr. Putin nonetheless cultivates the picture of a self-confident strongman. Where there are failures, it’s the fault of underlings who don’t obey his will. He performed out that scene on Jan. 11, in his first televised assembly with authorities ministers within the new 12 months, when he tore into Denis Manturov, deputy prime minister, over plane manufacturing figures Mr. Putin insisted have been fallacious and Mr. Manturov defended. Mr. Putin lastly exploded, “What are you doing, really, playing the fool?” “Yest’,” Mr. Manturov lastly mentioned, the Russian equal of “Yes, sir.”

Russians have seen this act earlier than within the Kremlin. They may do effectively to ponder whether or not, on this model, Mr. Putin is the omniscient czar and Mr. Manturov the bumbling functionary — the supposed lesson — or whether or not they’re being performed for fools by Mr. Putin’s vainness, delusions and spitefulness.

ONLINE: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/21/opinion/russia-ukraine.html


Jan. 22

The Wall Street Journal on nationwide hire management

Ideas that begin on the progressive fringes have a manner of turning into authorities coverage nowadays, as President Biden’s $400 billion pupil mortgage cancellation reveals. Lo, Democrats in Congress are actually urgent the President to impose hire management nationwide.

The White House is contemplating a collection of government actions which can be ostensibly supposed to guard tenants. Rents on common elevated 17.6% in 2021 and one other 3.8% final 12 months. One perpetrator was near-zero rates of interest whereas they lasted, which inflated housing costs and made it tougher for younger individuals to purchase a house. The end result: More demand for rental housing.

Landlords additionally raised rents to cowl losses in the course of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s pandemic eviction moratorium. But rents have fallen for the previous 4 months, and the nation’s rental inventory is predicted to broaden this 12 months by essentially the most in 4 many years.

Progressives nonetheless need to use rising rents as a pretext to nationalize native housing coverage. Fifty Democrats in Congress final week despatched a letter urging Mr. Biden “to pursue all possible strategies to end corporate price gouging in the real estate sector and ensure that renters and people experiencing homelessness across this country are stably housed this winter.”

Some Democrats blame price-gouging for any value enhance anyplace. But greater than 70% of rental properties are owned by people, lots of whom are seniors and reside off the funds. They need to pay payments, too, together with mortgage curiosity funds, property taxes, insurance coverage and upkeep, all of which have elevated with inflation.

Democrats need the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which supervises government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to ascertain “anti-price gouging protections” and “just cause eviction standards” in rental properties with government-backed mortgages. These are their euphemisms for hire management and eviction bans.

Democrats additionally need the Federal Trade Commission to difficulty “new regulation defining excessive rent increases” as an unfair commerce observe. This could be an infinite usurpation of energy for the reason that FTC can solely regulate interstate commerce and actions that have an effect on it. Most landlords aren’t engaged in interstate commerce, and housing is regulated by states and localities.

Democrats additionally need the White House to dictate native housing coverage by conditioning Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants on localities “mitigating cost burden and adopting anti-rent gouging measures.” So if cities need federal funds to construct extra housing for his or her homeless, they’d need to cap rents.

If there’s any consensus in economics it’s that hire management achieves the other of its supposed objective. It results in housing shortages by discouraging new improvement and upkeep of present properties. Rents rise quicker in properties not topic to controls. Even 60% of California voters rejected a poll measure in 2020 to broaden hire management. We can hope the White House pushes again in opposition to this financial destruction, however the final two years aren’t trigger for optimism.

ONLINE: https://www.wsj.com/articles/nationwide-rent-control-congress-democrats…


Jan. 19

The Los Angeles Times on the GOP and George Santos

Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) rapidly turned a world punchline when his a number of, contradictory misrepresentations of his background have been revealed after he was elected in November. But there’s nothing humorous about Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s refusal to name on Santos to resign, as a couple of different Republicans have.

Santos was caught in lies about a lot of his biography. He didn’t graduate from — nor apparently even attended — the universities listed on his resume, didn’t work for Goldman Sachs or Citigroup, and doesn’t seem like Jewish (as he has claimed) or descended from refugees who fled the Holocaust. (Left off the resume was a 2008 fraud cost in Brazil for allegedly utilizing a stolen checkbook; Brazilian authorities not too long ago mentioned they might revive the cost now that they know Santos’ whereabouts.) There are additionally questions concerning the legality of his fundraising and spending.

Despite varied investigations underway, he has been really helpful by the House GOP Steering Committee for membership on the Small Business and the Science, Space and Technology committees.

It’s small comfort that Santos didn’t obtain the extra prestigious assignments he reportedly coveted on the Financial Services and Foreign Affairs committees. (The Small Business Committee does train oversight of the Paycheck Protection Program established in response to enterprise hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Moreover, McCarthy has pooh-poohed complaints about Santos’ conduct. Last week the speaker mentioned: “I try to stick by the Constitution. The voters elected him to serve. If there is a concern, and he has to go through the Ethics (Committee), we’ll let him move through that.” This week the speaker acknowledged that he “always had a few questions” about Santos’ resume.

Santos is the topic of a grievance filed with the Ethics Committee by two Democratic House members, who known as for an investigation of Santos “for violations of the Ethics in Government Act by failing to file timely, accurate, and complete financial disclosure reports as required by law.” He can also be being investigated by native prosecutors on Long Island and, in line with the New York Times, by federal prosecutors as effectively. Although Santos has admitted to “embellishing” his resume, he has in any other case denied any wrongdoing, saying, “I am not a criminal.”

Santos is clearly entitled to due course of and the presumption of innocence, however the baroque misrepresentations he has admitted to — so-called “embellishments” — clarify that he doesn’t belong within the House. McCarthy, nonetheless, has refused to know that time, maybe as a result of a Santos resignation would shrink the Republicans’ already small House majority. Last week, McCarthy mused that “a lot of people here” had fabricated a part of their resumes.

It’s true that different politicians have exaggerated their credentials, together with President Biden years in the past, which is why it’s unlikely that Congress will approve a Santos-inspired invoice to require candidates for Congress to file details about their academic background, army service and employment historical past. A candidate who knowingly and willfully supplied false info could be punished with a $100,000 advantageous, one 12 months in jail, or each. (The laws may additionally pose constitutional issues. For instance, the Supreme Court has mentioned that some legal guidelines that punish mendacity violate the first Amendment.) Still, Santos’ fabrications are so intensive and audacious as to place him in a mind-boggling class by himself.

Even so, Santos’ lies appear trivial in contrast with among the outlandish and offensive statements made by different House Republicans, comparable to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who has been assigned to House Homeland Security and Oversight committees after dropping her committee assignments within the earlier Congress. It’s clear that fringe figures and fabulists are welcome within the new House Republican majority.

ONLINE: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2023-01-19/george-santos-embarras…


Jan. 19

China Daily on the U.S. and the Iranian nuclear deal

International efforts geared toward reviving the Iranian nuclear deal have been largely stalled in 2022, and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s remarks on Tuesday that the United States not considers reaching an settlement with Iran over its nuclear program a precedence paint a gloomier image for the prospects of the multilateral settlement.

At a information convention in Washington alongside United Kingdom Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, Blinken once more put the blame on the Iranian aspect, alleging that Iran had lengthy rejected the opportunity of reviving the 2015 settlement, and warned Teheran of “consequences” for its actions.

Obviously, the Joe Biden administration is permitting the U.S.’ political variations with the Islamic state to overshadow worldwide negotiations on conserving the nuclear deal alive. When US President Joe Biden took workplace in January 2021, he introduced he had determined to reverse his predecessor’s determination to withdraw from the Iran deal, formally often called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and would rejoin it by way of rounds of oblique negotiations with Iran, alongside different related events, beginning in Vienna in April 2021.

But the Vienna talks have been suspended in March as a result of political discord between Teheran and Washington and have been solely resumed after a five-month hiatus in August. In the newest spherical of talks, the European Union put ahead the ultimate textual content of its draft proposal for reviving the JCPOA.

Indirect exchanges of views between Washington and Teheran on the E.U. proposal have to date failed to supply any favorable final result. Worse, new developments within the worldwide enviornment and inside Iran itself have been driving the 2 events even additional aside.

Not solely Iran’s shut ties with Russia but in addition the protests in Iran have drawn the ire of Washington. The newest U.S. stance on the Iran deal despatched a worrying sign that the U.S. is backpedaling from its earlier dedication that it might rejoin the multilateral settlement. The now-they-are-on, now-they-are-off talks in Vienna have already raised worldwide considerations that the Iran nuclear deal is now lifeless within the water. But the Iranian overseas minister mentioned on Tuesday that an settlement on the revival of the nuclear deal is inside attain if the U.S. stops setting new circumstances and acts realistically.

As the occasion which imperiled the worldwide settlement within the first place, the U.S. ought to put worldwide denuclearization above its political calculations and interact with sincerity in talks with Iran.

For the method of reviving the Iran deal to go easily within the new 12 months, the bickering events ought to honor the commitments they’ve agreed to and chorus from taking reckless and unilateral strikes in order to create the appropriate circumstances for the talks to attain a breakthrough and yield optimistic outcomes.

ONLINE: https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202301/19/WS63c92df9a31057c47ebaab2a.ht…

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