Never mind ‘bed room commuters’, Auckland’s Beach Haven is perfect for apartments & More Trending News


The site of a proposed 81-apartment development on Cresta Ave and Beach Haven Rd in Beach Haven.

Auckland Council GeoMaps/Supplied

The web site of a proposed 81-apartment growth on Cresta Ave and Beach Haven Rd in Beach Haven.

Not constructing apartments in Auckland’s Beach Haven – which is simply 12km from the CBD – could be seen as a “bad joke” in different world cities, a campaigner for constructing extra homes says.

On Thursday final week, about 180 residents mentioned methods to halt a proposal to construct 81 apartments on Beach Haven Rd and Cresta Ave, changing 4 current homes with three-storey condo buildings.

Among the complaints in regards to the growth was that its mixture of studio, one and two-bedroom apartments would entice “bedroom commuters” who wouldn’t join with or be part of the neighborhood.

It was additionally claimed the realm was not proper for younger singles, as there was “no supermarket or café here for them”.

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Coalition For More Homes spokesperson Oscar Sims​ stated Beach Haven was “absolutely a good place for apartments”.

Beach Haven is only about 12km from the Auckland CBD, which in any other country would make it prime real estate for medium or high-density housing.

A gathering of 180 or so Beach Haven residents vowed to do whatever it takes to stop the development.

Jonathan Killick/Stuff

A gathering of 180 or so Beach Haven residents vowed to do whatever it takes to stop the development.

“It’s not like we’re building skyscrapers,” stated Sims.

“The vast majority of Beach Haven isn’t being developed. This is a single development. This isn’t going to suddenly evict everyone who is currently living in Beach Haven.”

Sims rubbished comments about Beach Haven being unsuitable for single apartment dwellers, as apartments were a stepping stone for those wanting to buy a town house and start a family.

“Singles living there are future families. That’s how you build a community.”

Apartments also gave elderly people local options when it came to downsizing.

“People like to stay in their community.”

Chris McKeen/Stuff

Kāinga Ora is building apartments in Avondale, West Auckland, for over 55-year-olds.

As for bedroom commuters (people who work outside the area they live in) allegedly not having a connection with the community, Sims said most of Auckland’s jobs were in commercial areas of the city centre or industrial areas in the south.

“The idea of being able to work close by [where you live] is basically impossible in Auckland.”

Auckland Transport principal service network planner Dave Hilson said there were great public transport options near the proposed development.

“AT would strongly encourage development of this nature at Beach Haven, which is within walking distance of so many public transport services.”

Beach Haven’s 97 bus services to downtown Auckland runs every 15 minutes between 7am and 7pm. Transit lanes on Onewa Rd (the main road into Beach Haven) make these trips faster than travelling by car.

“Some of the buses than run this route are operated by double-deckers, providing plenty of capacity with some room for growth.”

There are also bus services to the Smales Farm and Akoranga busway stations, allowing for easy travel to most parts of the North Shore. The proposed development is just an eight-minute walk from the Beach Haven Wharf, with ferries to Hobsonville and the CBD.

Regarding concerns that Beach Haven’s waste pipes wouldn’t be able to manage the scale of the development, Watercare head of major developments Mark Izard said where local infrastructure doesn’t have capacity, developers are asked to upgrade or build it at their own cost.

“Although the current water network in Beach Haven has the capacity to support future growth, the local wastewater network in the area does require further investment.”

Never mind ‘bedroom commuters’, Auckland’s Beach Haven is perfect for apartments

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Never mind ‘bedroom commuters’, Auckland’s Beach Haven is perfect for apartments

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Never mind ‘bedroom commuters’, Auckland’s Beach Haven is perfect for apartments

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