Councillors Christophe Origer and Carole Zeimetz would be the Greens’ lead candidates in Echternach. The social gathering’s checklist is made up of six girls and 5 males with a mean age of 45 years.

Up till final 12 months, 29-12 months-previous Origer was nonetheless a member of the Christian Social People’s Party (CSV). However, in November, the lawyer introduced that he would change to the Greens, which in return meant that the coalition between CSV and the Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party (LSAP) misplaced its majority on the Echternach municipal council.

The Greens’ candidates:

  • Carole Zeimetz, 48 years
  • Christophe Origer, 29 years
  • Marie-Christine Basting, 36 years
  • Steve Bermes, 32 years
  • Christiane Dieschbourg, 71 years
  • Christina Fogens, 63 years
  • Roby Grotz, 64 years
  • Daniel Jones, 26 years
  • Caroline Ludwig, 59 years
  • Ricardo Pacheco, 28 years
  • Stéphanie Weidenaar, 48 years