HALEON PLC shares rose after the company rejected indemnity demands from GSK and Pfizer over the Zantac lawsuit in the U.S

Haleon, a spin-off of GSK and Pfizer assets, maintained its prior declaration that it was "not a party" to Zantac accusations.

The joint venture agreement's indemnities only cover their consumer healthcare companies in 2018.

Haleon noted neither GSK nor Pfizer sold OTC Zantac then.

The company's July prospectus warned of Zantac litigation risks.

Haleon, the manufacturer of Sensodyne toothpaste, reported a 22.1% increase in first-half adjusted operating profit.

Household demand and regional growth enhanced Advil medicines. Two-thirds of the company's business gained or retained market share, it claimed.

The organization said third-quarter trade momentum was "good," but would weaken owing to rising inflation's effect on consumer spending.

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