Harry Styles and Chris Pine deny ‘spitting’ rumour sparked by viral video

Representatives for Don’t Worry Darling star Chris Pine have said claims that his co-star Harry Styles “spat” on him at the Venice Film Festival are a “complete fabrication”.

On Monday 5 September, a brief yet puzzling interaction between the pair at the Venice Film Festivalwent viral on social media.

Styles and Pine were at the Venice screening of Don’t Worry Darling with co-stars including lead actor Florence Pugh and director Olivia Wilde when the moment was captured on video.

In the clip, posted by Twitter user JZMaclin, it was claimed that Styles “appears to spit” on Pine while taking his assigned seat next to the actor, who then looks down at his lap and stops clapping.

By Tuesday 6 September, the clip had received over 5.5 million views, with many fans claiming Styles “definitely did” spit on his co-actor.

Other viewers dismissed the “spitting” claim and said it was more likely that the pair were joking around.

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