MLB implements rule changes for 2023

The Major League Baseball competition committee has voted by majority to implement larger bases, a pitch clock and restrictions on defensive shifting, the league announced on Friday.

However, the vote was not unanimous, as the MLBPA announced that players on the committee voted against the pitch clock and infield shift rule proposals.

The goal with the pitch clock would be to cut out as much "down time" as possible, especially when there aren't runners on base and the pitcher is standing on the mound holding the baseball.

This has been tested in the minors for a few years and there haven't been many major complaints. 

According to the rule changes, the clock will be 30 seconds between hitters. The catcher must be in his box and ready with nine seconds left on the timer.

Pitchers can still step off the rubber, which would reset the clock to 20 seconds if there's a baserunner and 15 seconds if there isn't. 

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