Selfish' Daughter Refusing To Share Lottery Winnings With Her Mom Cheered

Apost about a mother who told her daughter to move out when she declined to share her lottery prize money has gone viral on Reddit.

The user said she spent most of her free time "helping around the house" with her three younger siblings, giving most of her paycheck to her parents to help cover rent and food

She'd been keeping $50 a week to spend on herself, while putting $100 a month aside "for my future," she said.

She buys "a scratcher [once] every blue moon" and one day she won the lottery. The prize is "not Powerball money or anything," but "you get a certain amount every week for twenty years.

The user told her mom about the win and "now she wants it," the daughter said.

The mom told her: "It's heavenly bounty and I should give a tithe and offering to the church." When the user refused to do so, she was told to move out, so she went to a hotel.

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